Suicides Among Liberals up 39.112%

Brandon Walker 9 months ago 0 9

      New York, NY —

      A week after significant back-to-back-to-back wins for conservatives internationally, suicides are up 39.112% among liberals. The last seven days have been terrible for liberals. First, in the United States a bipartisan vote in the U.S. Senate all but guaranteed the acquittal of the innocent President Donald Trump. Then, in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson successfully exited the U.K. from the freeloading European Union. The final plastic bag over the head, was the NFL allowing a conservative midwestern team, the Kansas City Chiefs, to win the Super Bowl in clear opposition to the ‘woke’ culture of the San Francisco Bay area. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Public Health England have released numbers showing that the liberal drug overdose rate has climbed by a whopping 78% percent since the elections in both the United Kingdom and United States in 2016.

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