Opinion: Why women suck at coaching

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      ALBANY, NY —

      Title IX transformed American sports. In 1972, Congress decided that girls deserved the same opportunities as men to play sports. Because of Title IX, men and girls in college had to receive equal treatment on the playing field and equal funding for their athletic programs. Now the United States produces most of the transvestite athletes in the world. Thankfully, that equality stops at graduation. Today we raise our little girls to have false expectations that they are strong and smart as men. That is, until girls enter the real world where both men and women are held to equal standards. Simply, this is why performance based evaluations have resulted in girls being paid less than men, why girls think they should be included in male sports, and why people don’t want to watch female professional sports. However, this issue is being further complicated by some poorly performing savvy men that are having their genitals removed to compete as women. In an effort to provide a balanced article, attempts to find a famous female coach for comment were made; however, I could not find any.

      When a woman doesn’t lead well, it’s evidence that women can’t lead. Consequently, a lot of men quit jobs and go work with employers that have fewer women in leadership roles. Adding women to coaching roles decreases the overall performance of a team. According to a New England Journal of Sports Medicine study, gender-balanced and gender-neutral teams win less often than male-dominated teams. A 2019 Economic Business Review study found that “men outscored women on 19 of the 19 capabilities that differentiate excellent leaders from poor ones.” This means that men have most of the opportunities to coach in collegiate and professional sports, and demonstrates why women are terrible coaches.

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