Delta Employees Sue Over Uniform Crotch Itch

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      Madison, WI —

      More than 30,000 Delta Air Lines employees are joining one of the lawsuits filed against Wisconsin retailer Lands’ End Inc. and Zach Posen over uniforms provided by the apparel merchant. On December 31st, a federal lawsuit was filed in the Western District of Wisconsin Small Town Clown Court against the Wisconsin-based retailer regarding complaints related to its “Passport Plum Pain” uniforms. The lawsuit is the twenty fifth filed against Lands End and Delta over the uniforms, which Delta employees say are causing a range of itchy and smelly crotch issues. Since filing the complaint, the attorneys said they have been “inundated” with requests to join the case. “We are currently reviewing each person’s genitals,” the attorneys said. “Further, the undersigned counsel expects many more raw and foul smelling genitals in the coming weeks.” Complaints about the severe crotch itch and foul smelling genitalia began to emerge from Delta employees within minutes of their unveiling in 2018. At that time and in the lawsuits, employees allege the uniforms are the sole cause for angry, unruly, and disrespectful gate and flight attendant staff. The toxic uniforms caused crotch hives, gooey discolored drips, nausea due to the odor, and irritations of genitals and anuses.

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