China Blames USA, not Nasty Markets or Street Shitters, for Epidemic

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      New York, New York —

      The global coronavirus outbreak has been responsible for at least 200 deaths to date, and while the exact origin of the disease is obvious, publications including the Guardian, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal quickly suggested Wuhan’s “wet markets,” meat markets that sell live and dead wildlife in unsanitary conditions, is a likely source of the virus.

      The suspected source of the virus was a cluster of vendors at a Wuhan Wet Market, that sold “carcasses and live specimens of dozens of wild animals – from bamboo rats to ostriches, baby crocodiles and hedgehogs.” While many delusional Chinese people are blaming the United States for the disease outbreak, reasonable Westerners are correctly blaming the Chinese and specifically, their disgusting eating habits, poor sanitation, and horrific treatment of animals for the coronavirus surge.

      At the center of this controversy is a video of a Chinese woman eating bat soup and taking a dump in front of the Wuhan Wet Market. Wang Mengyun, a celebrity, was vilified for the video by perfectly normal people, and presumably because people linked her actions to the virus’s spread, Wang has since received messages like “You should go to hell. You should be killed in while you sleep.” On YouTube, Asian-fronted mukbang videos, in which people eat in front of the camera, are suddenly overrun with coronavirus-related comments: “This is why the Chinese have coronavirus, It doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist to know that you shouldn’t eat piles of wild animals off the streets.”

      While average Americans all know that you should not shit where you eat, pulitzer-prize winning Vice News stated “Americans are relying on old racist tropes and fueling fears about the ways Asian people eat.”

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